Monday, June 24, 2013

On babies and big belly(aches)

as of today we are 32w 2d and our lil bug is a lil melon
It has been a while since I have blogged nothing new has been going on. The lil one is measuring in at 4lbs 8oz as of today and looks perfect as per the techs/doctors. I am doing ok. I am really uncomfortable (ok, in pain) I have had really bad foot swelling where they get purple and have developed carpal tunnel in one hand and it feels like the other is about to go as well. My back always hurts and she feels like she is kicking so low that her foot is just gonna stick out of my vajayjay one day and the painful as hell  BH have been kicking my ass. I have had a few days where they have been non-stop and it was a little scary. My last 24 hr urine collection came in at 318 so there was some protein but as per the doctor nothing too scary so they had me do another one. Cervix still long and closed so she seems to be staying put. I am now going two times a week (plus the specialist every couple of weeks) and during those visits they will be monitoring the baby as well. We did a sono today but got no clear pics bc our little princess does not like to be pushed prodded and poked and kept moving around trying to get away and covering her face as well. I miss her little face and wish the damn 3Ds weren't so expensive. She is still breech and doesn't seem to care to much for the idea of head down. We are officially scheduled for a C-section on August 12th. Our baby shower is this Saturday and while I am excited about it I am also a little stressed. I have not felt much like seeing people or having them fawn over me or grope my belly and if one more person tells him how big I am I may snap and choke them. I have only gained @ 7 lbs total (4.8 of which is all baby) but I look huge. However, why do people feel the need to tell me that like I don't own a mirror?? As you can tell, I am so happy about the baby, but I am feeling miserable at this point in the pregnancy. Not to mention WE HAVE STILL NOT DONE THE NURSERY!!!! I may have a nervous breakdown before August if it isn't done soon. Too bad I can barely move by the time I get home from work and then the weekends come and I feel like crying from exhaustion. I am so counting on my wife, kids, dad and dad-in law to pull through because I just can't.

Ok so here is a recent pic - I know I am huge but keep in mind the fact that I have hardly gained anything and most of what I have is baby...which basically means my pre-pregnancy fat-assness has redistributed to make me look like I am carrying quads or a baby hippo.