Wednesday, March 6, 2013

I love onions and gender reveal

So in our 17th week (16 wks 4 days today) our baby is the size of an onion 

Yesterday we had our 16 wk prenatal appointment and it went a little nuts. We waited forever because the doctors were backed up. When we finally went in...we waited some more. Then they called us into a room to get the heartbeat and draw bloods for the AFP. A girl who we have never dealt with before comes in with the doppler and finds nothing. I was stressed beyond belief and barely held in my tears. I kept looking at Dawn who was giving me the "don't worry she is an idiot look". Finally after what felt like eternity but was probably five minutes, she went to get someone else. That woman was phenomenal and found the heartbeat in 5 seconds flat. Dumb dumb nurse came back in to take my blood. She asks which side is better and I tell her left but they are both pretty crappy. I don't mind having blood taken, it is actually the rubber band that makes me want to pass the fuck out. So she rubber bands the left arm, can't find a vein, then does right arm and can;t find a vein, then back to the left and still no vein. She finally says she is going to go get someone else because she can't find one and is afraid of trying and collapsing a vein. Second girl comes in and what do you know...finds a vein in my left arm in no time flat. Dumb Dumb never comes back and we...wait. Finally someone notices we are just sitting there and sends the doctor in. All looks well and I am scheduled for a glucose screen this Friday  Then we go back @ 20 weeks for an anatomy scan. I asked if it would be ok to get a sono and take a peak at the sex and thankfully she says yes!!! off we go and....

It is a Girl and we could not be happier. We wanted a girl so badly... and now there she is... beautiful and perfect and OURS. She was hamming it up in there too. We saw her flexing her little toes and fingers, kicking her long little legs and rubbing her face with her perfect little hands. She is beautiful and we are in love. We can't wait to meet our daughter in August. 

How far along? 16 wks 4 days
How big is baby? the size of an onion (or an avocado or who knows bc every app says something different)
Total weight gain/loss: this fluctuates day by day but it seems I may have gained a total of @ 3 lbs
Maternity Clothes:  need good underwear that comes up high but can't find any plus size
Have you started to show yet? still showing but the belly looks a little lower to me
Sleep: badly but better - getting more sleep less pee but still uncomfortable 
Best moment this week: seeing our beautiful and perfect little princess
Miss Anything? still cold cuts - specifically ham and I could have really used a beer the other day
Movement: I can feel her moving all over the place but still not from the outside
Food Cravings: fruit and cheese - (no more crab because We hit Joe's Crab Shack YUMMMM)
Anything make you queasy or sick? the smell of perfume makes me nuts 
Gender prediction: SHE IS DEFINITELY A GIRL 
Symptoms: some round ligament pain and right ankle swelling
Major purchases this week? ladybug bedding set 
Looking forward to: Seeing her again in a few weeks - I miss her little face already  

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Kim aka Mommy said...

A GIRL!! WOOOWHOOOO!!! How exciting!

Ladybug bedding for your lil bug? How cute!

You'll have to email me your mailing address when you get a chance, we've got a lil something to send ya. :o) ( Gracie still wears her I <3 NYC tee)