Wednesday, May 8, 2013

and the kicks keep coming

Nothing much to say except that our little ladybug is a freaking ninja! Up until a few days ago Dawn had only felt her move twice, very faintly almost questionably. I on the other hand have been surprised to find no bruises from the little maniac. So the other day she felt her kick hard...once. Later that night we decided to try and have her put her ear to my tummy and listen to see if she could hear her heartbeat. Some people says it works so we figured what the hell. So there she is laying with her head on my tummy listening for anything when WHAM!!! our lil' ninja kicked her right in the face. I laughed so hard but felt so bad. Truth be told I am still kind of laughing. Anyway she felt her since then and the very next day she is kicking so hard that you can see her move my tummy from several feet away. This little girl will apparently be taking crap from no one which will come in handy with two teenage brothers and 5 older cousins (4 of which are also boys)

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