Thursday, October 24, 2013

head, shoulders, ears, nose and throat

Little Miss Dylan has her first cold and its a doozy. She is all stuffy and snoring like a big old fat dude. Anyway we also had to take her to an ENT for an evaluation for tongue tie. Dylan's daycare provider is a lactation consultant and feeding therapist and she noticed that sometimes she has a really hard time with her bottle. She did a quick evaluation and explained that between the excessive gas, reflux and sleepy feeding lil Miss has a "sneaky tongue tie" Big brother David is also tongue tied but his is fairly prominent and while it prevented me from breastfeeding him at all, he has had no other issues. Dylan's is mild and not noticeable just by looking and since she is thriving there was no indication. So daycare provider, Angela, suggested an ENT - who was fabulous and awesome and amazing and etc... She said it is so mild she would not suggest snipping it. She said had we come sooner because of the breast feeding issues she would have done it, but now Dylan would have to relearn the use of her tongue for feeding and it would be more frustrating for her than anything. However she did hook her up to a heavy duty nose suction machine and cleared her nose right out. So even though I only got to breast feed for a couple of weeks I am glad that she is ok and doesn't have to have any procedures done. 

Her pediatrician saw her for the cold (yes I am a worrier and sent her to the doctor for a cold) and said she was impressed with how advanced she is for her age. She instigates "conversations" and will babble to you in response as well. She follows movement from big distances. She tries to pull herself up to sit and will straighten out her legs to "stand" and stay that way with no wobble for a long time. She hates to lay down and always wants to be upright and in the mix. She mimics faces and smiles and laughs when you engage her. She can focus on objects and reach out and grab them. However she HATES tummy time so she may skip rolling over for awhile. LOL. She is kinda cool like that. Anyway as of this Tuesday, 11wks 2days she was weighing in at 11.6 lbs and 23inch - 5lbs and 5 inches in less than 3 months. She is just sprouting up. 

and now some pics:

poor baby has a cold

on her way to the doctor

at the doctor waiting patiently

making strides against cancer walk 2013

walking with mama

the mamas 

all decked out in pink to join the fight

just hanging in my seat

Saturday night lights at my brothers football game

the "holy crap they won" face at the same game

pretty happy baby on the way to daycare

all of us from pumpkin/apple picking on Columbus Day


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