Monday, July 16, 2007

Cruise Withdrawal

It's all over. All that waiting and waiting and now the cruise is over. It was wonderful. I mean like with everything there were a few disappointments but overall it was FANTASTIC!! We (David and I) had a little sea sickness and (Dawn and Ryan) a lot of sunburn but it didn't matter too much in comparison to how much fun we had. I have to admit what everyone says is true - the best part of the cruise is the people. We met so many wonderful people that there were a few tears shed on the last day when we had to leave such a happy and loving atmosphere. The kids made friends that will hopefully last a lifetime - David even exchanged phone numbers with Rosie's son Parker. The entertainment was excellent, food was pretty good, staff phenomenal...and on and on and on. Dawn had a little luck in the casino which was great when it came down to payin that bill - but who can put a price on those kind of memories. We were totally stoked about meeting Kim and M - they were as wonderful as they seem in their blog - just sorry we couldn't spend more time together. Maybe next time? We really didn't plan on doing another cruise yet - Mexico is during a bad time school wise and well we can drive to Canada and New England - but after the great time we had we may just be seeing everyone next Summer afterall - If all goes well - we'll go on the July 2008 Cruise and then come home and make a baby.


Holly said...

Sounds like a total blast! We are so jealous!
Glad you got to meet Kim and M. too.

ajs4ever said...

WOW!! What fun! I would love to go on a cruise someday! I know vacations are always fun, but I'm usually glad to get home too:)