Tuesday, July 3, 2007

Why is getting ready for a vacation so stressful?

I hate packing for a trip. I am an absolute freak when it comes to leaving things for last minute. I have to be either right on time or early. It completely drives me nuts if it even looks like we are gonna be late. I am a planner. Dawn, on the other hand is always late or at least on her way to being late. However, I can not lie, when it comes to working under pressure, she is phenomenal!! She just graduated with her Masters with a 4.0, and there is not one assignment that she didn't leave for the night before. She is the same way with packing. As I sit at work panicking about what needs to be packed she has probably not even given it a thought. In the end she'll pull it together and help me through it.

I know that with this whole baby making thing it will be the same way. Next Summer seems so far away to me - like it will never get here but yet at the same time I worry that when it does we won't be prepared. I sit around reading (and writing) blogs and doing research about the whole thing feeling like I should be doing something more. She holds me together. She tells me it will be ok and that when it is our turn good things will happen. I sit and worry about every little thing and stress every possible outcome. She just tells me how much she loves me and how there are no doubts in her mind that all our dreams will come true. When it's crunch time she will be there last minute to pick up the pieces that my panic has caused. I am a great planner, she is great at executing the plans I've laid. Together I think we are gonna make it through every trip we take, be it on a boat or down the path towards having a baby together.


K J and the kids said...

Puzzle pieces huh ?
glad you fit together so well.

Packing tip. Fold cloths. Then ROLL them. Seriously. You can fit SO MUCH more stuff doing it this way. The rolling doesn't wrinkle your cloths any more or less than they would be already.

ajs4ever said...

Sounds like you two are really great together! I always have to remind Jill that things will come together and she reminds me to have a little fun! We bring out the best in each other and it sounds like you gals do too!! Hang on to each other!!!


hotomiky said...

Packing is def. stressful!

I've been packing clothes for all of us... I wasn't sure what to bring etc...

Today H will be helping me out with packing (at last).

Can't wait!! FEW DAYS to go!!!

You all will have fun! I know we will!