Tuesday, October 23, 2012

irresistible you

Me, my niece Amiyah and my nephew Dirk

I am kind of hooked. I thought my heart would break a little more each time I saw you, lil miss. I was wrong.  When I hold you I forget my own pain just a little. When I look into your eyes I do not see my own failure but instead I see hope. You have made me fall in love with you. I love you and your brother as I love my own kids. I am sorry I ever doubted how much you would mean to me.  I promise I will be even better as we get to know each other. I will try my best to be the kind of Aunt you come to when mom gets to be a pain in the ass. ( and trust me, she is my little sister so I know she is a pain in the ass) Thank you for reminding me that all things are possible.

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