Friday, October 12, 2012


So my last appointment was on 10/8, which is also my beautiful wife's birthday. We were all off for the holiday so she got to come with me. I pretty much had a nervous breakdown in the car on our way there and cried for about 45 minutes hysterically until I calmed down enough to go up. She was very sweet and wonderful and tried very hard to get me to get a grip. I know it freaks her out when I lose it but she is such a trooper. She had my back through the whole thing and just let me vent. The appointment itself was whatever...nothing new...but Dawn did light in to the Doctor for being a douche and missing ovulation last cycle. She was amazing. She said all the things to him that I can never seem to voice when I am there by myself. We cried some more there and we cried some more at home. We go back this Sunday.Hopefully it will be better and we are a little closer. 

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